Brand Story

Niza is a women fashion brand designed in Spain with more than 20 years experience.

The brand reflects a unique personality given the exclusivity of the embroideries applied to high-quality fabrics, creating colourful garments for a sophisticated and innovative woman.

Throughout these years, we have developed a differentiated women’s fashion brand for a stylish and unique woman. The effort, dedication and success of our garments has brought a growth that cover more than 30 Niza stores and more than 500 multi-brand stores in national and international markets.

In recent years, the firm is focusing on the international development (currently 40% of turnover), markets in which the collections and styles are being well perceived.

Niza has been awarded as the “Best Performing Brand” in 2016 by The Spanish Association of Image Professionals (ADEPI).

Concept & Vision

Niza has a long and proud history of catering to the apparel needs of the contemporary woman. Driven by innovation and a multichannel strategy, besides a ‘one-team’ approach, we command strong relationships of trust with our numerous franchises and partners. We keep a well-defined and uniform image in all our sales channels.

Presenting a seductive blend of class and comfort and trendy styling on rustling fabrics, a carefully chosen sensual palette and stylised cuts. Niza has a highly accomplished, in-house design team to capture the latest trends and transform them into unique garments.

Vision: To create a perfect combination of elegance, grace and sophistication – capturing the very essence of style in every woman, we dress.

Mission: To satisfy our client with a quality garment with its own personality, differentiating from the “mass market”.


With more than 200 styles per season, Niza has various seasons and families per year Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter contemplating a wide range of categories. Each season has several collection deliveries: advance, main and flash.

Moreover, Niza ensures continuous and permanent replacement of your order during the season and also renewals within the collection.

We also adapt collections according to market needs (Middle East or Latam).

Our size range is from XS to XXXXL.